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The Idea

The thought behind the “Ländler Orchestra” has been sketched out two years before the Stubete even existed. Domenic Janett dreamed of uniting the instruments of Swiss folk music (i. e. string instruments, clarinets, brass instruments, alphorn, Schwyzeroergeli, accordeon and hammered dulcimer) in one big orchestra. This dream evolved into a composition entitled the “Ländler-Rhaphsody”. The first Stubete am See 2008 provided the ideal stage for a premiere of such a work, melding symphonic music with folk music. After its first success, the Ländler Orchestra became a permanent part of the Stubete am See.

For the Stubete 2010, Pro Helvetia asked Dani Häusler to compose for the Ländler Orchestra. He in turn came up with the “Waldstätter-Fantasy”, a work in six movements, which represent traditional Swiss folk dances translated by Dani Häusler into contemporary notes.

The piece for the Ländler Orchestra 2012 was composed by Markus Flückiger and is called «Schloffätanz». The performers are:
Markus Flückiger: schwyzerörgeli
Dani Häusler: clarinet, bass clarinet
Andreas Ambühl: clarinet, bass clarinet
Christoph Pfändler: hammered dulcimer
Patricia Ulrich: piano
Andreas Gabriel: violin
Barbara Betschart: violin
Patrizia Pacozzi: violin
Fabian Müller: cello
Pirmin Huber: double bass

CD release/music samples

Music samples from the CD “Ländlerorchester” can be found on the audio player to the right.
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Ländlerorchester 2008/2010
Andreas Gabriel, Geige (Helvetic Fiddlers)
Johannes Schmid-Kunz, Geige (Hanneli-Musig)
Men Steiner, Geige (Ils Fränzlis da Tschlin)
Domenic Janett, Klarinette (Ils Fränzlis da Tschlin)
Florian Walser, Klarinette (D’Sagemattler)
Dani Häusler, Klarinette, Bassklarinette (Hanneli-Musig, Hujässler)
Madlaina Janett, Bratsche (Ils Fränzlis da Tschlin)
Gallus Burkard, Kontrabass (Schweizer Oktett)
Curdin Janett, Akkoreon, Kontrabass (Ils Fränzlis da Tschlin)
Markus Flückiger, Schwyzerörgeli (Max Lässers Überlandorchester, Hujässler)
Roland Küng, Hackbrett (Geschwister Küng)
Heinz della Torre, Trompete, Alphorn
Duri Janett, Cornet (Ils Fränzlis da Tschlin)
Lorenz Raths, Horn, Alphorn (Schweizer Oktett)