Werbeagentur Zürich

Folk Music in the Tonhalle?

Tonhalle Zurich, small hall

What was still unimaginable before the year of 2008 has come true thanks to the cultural programme “echoes” by Pro Helvetia (2007). The Stubete am See was chosen for its innovative vision of creating a future for folk music, and therefore gained Pro Helvetia’s support. That is how Swiss folk music returned to the “hallowed halls” of the Tonhalle Zurich.

Ceiling painting, large hall

When the Tonhalle was built in 1895, folk music and folk tradition were naturally thought to be part of the building. Next time you visit the large hall, pay attention to the various paintings on the ceiling!

Old Tonhalle 1895-1937

Let us throw a quick glance into the old Tonhalle… Exuberant festivities were held in the huge, oval music pavillon below the Trocadéros. It was the home of folk and salon music. Its doors could be opened upon the beautiful gardens by the lakeside and in order to attract the crowds, not only classical music was performed, but also light music.

"Bauschänzli" 2008

Zurich’s former mayor, Elmar Ledergerber, had the idea of adding a second stage to our festival – a stage in the heart of Zurich, surrounded by water: the Bauschänzli. Here, people can get up and dance if they feel the urge to, or they can pick up their instruments and play along with the performing artists. Meanwhile, the new mayor, Corine Mauch, has taken over the patronage of the Stubete am See.